Louise Stottlemeyer

"During the Fat Loss Challenge, I learned new exercises, along with nutrition for my Metabolic Type, accountability and camaraderie.  All of these came together in a fun format and showed me that I actually could lose weight in a healthy manner.  After 10 weeks of this program, I'm proud to say that I have lost a total of 19 lbs. and dropped 2 clothing sizes. Thanks again for caring and for being innovative enough to think of a fun contest like this to help motivate people who think they are "beyond hope." - Louise Stottlemeyer
Age44 44
Scale Weight153 lbs.132.8 lbs.
Body Fat35.5%26%
Fat Weight 54.3 lbs.34.5 lbs.
Lean Weight99 lbs. 98.3 lbs.
Lower Ab36.5"34"
Arms12.5"  11.75" 

Trainer's Comments:  Louise had put her health on the backburner for the last few years as she coped with the stresses of daily life.  When she began training, I'm not sure she was 100% committed psychologically.  Her first 6 weeks yielded modest results.  Once she signed up for the Shape Up Sarasota Fat Loss Challenge, however, her competitive nature put her training in overdrive.  She hit the gym 6 days a week for 10 weeks and stuck to her Metabolic Type diet plan. The results are clearly visible.  Her effort earned her a first place finish in the Women's Division of the contest.

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