Jesse Rivel



Scale Weight148 lbs.131.5 lbs.
Body Fat25.5%16%
Fat Weight38.5 lbs.21 lbs.
Lean Weight109.5 lbs.110.5 lbs.
Hips35 1/2"32"
Legs20"19 1/2"

Trainer's Comments: Jesse was an unusual case. 95% of the women who train with me get extraordinarily good results in the first couple of months of training, because their body is shocked into expending much more fuel than it is used to, and fat weight drops accordingly. Jesse, however, proceeded to gain weight. Although much of it was muscle, she was gaining some fat as well. After admitting that she was eating more because she was training hard, I had her adjust to new eating habits (buttermilk biscuts and wings are out- protein shakes are in!) When she still didn't lose as much as we hoped, I got her to start interval cardio training 5x's/week, and cut back on the weight training. Within a couple of months, she dropped over 10 lbs. of fat without sacrificing any of the new muscle she had added.

UPDATE: At the one year mark, Jesse's physique has continued to improve. As of Dec. 2004, she lost a total of almost 10% bodyfat- an amazing 17.5 lbs. of fat! As you can see in the photo, all those protein shakes and hard work paid off, big time!

Client's Comments:

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