Gerry Myers


Month 2

Month 5

Coming Soon!

Scale Weight290 lbs.301.5 lbs.304.5 lbs.
Body Fat28%26%24%
Fat Weight81 lbs.78.2 lbs.73.5 lbs.
Lean Weight209 lbs.223.3 lbs.231 lbs.
Waist48 1/2"48 1/2"47 1/2 "
Arms18 3/4"19"19"
Legs24 1/2"25 1/2"25 1/2"

Trainer's Comments: Gerry was on a mission. I had seen him in the gym many times over the years. He was the type of guy who hits it hard for a month or two, makes some progress, then disappears for months at a time. This time was going to be different. Strength and size was the first phase of the program. In the first 2 months, Gerry amassed over 14 lbs. of muscle on his already large frame. The next phase of the training involved shifting the focus to fat loss while maintaining the newly acquired muscle. Only 6 weeks later, Gerry dropped 6 lbs. of fat while keeping most of his muscle gain. Now in his fifth month of training, he amazingly continues to add muscle while whittling away at the fat. He says he's not giving up until he hits 15% body fat.

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