Dawn Spinogatti


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Scale Weight127 lbs.122 lbs.138 lbs.130 lbs.
Body Fat16.1%12.4%21.7%12.6%
Fat Weight21 lbs.15 lbs.30 lbs.16 lbs.
Lean Weight106 lbs.107 lbs.108 lbs.114 lbs.
Waist26 1/4"24 3/4"28 3/4 1/4"26 1/2"
Hips34 1/2"31 1/2"34 1/2"31 1/2"
Arms12 1/4"11 3/4"12"11 3/4"
Legs20 1/4"20 3/4"21"20 3/4"

Trainer's Comments: Dawn is not your typical client. When she first approached me almost two years ago, it was out of frustration. She had been working out almost obsessively for years, but had not seen any noticeable results for quite some time. Not that she was bad shape- at 16% body fat, she looked great and was the envy of the fitness center crowd. However, after I evaluated what she was doing and designed a program which lowered her body fat down even more, she became even more motivated. She decided to compete in the 2002 Miss Galaxy Figure Competition. Thanks to her extraordinary discipline and determination, she placed in the top 20 out of 100 girls in her first competition and achieved her best condition ever.

Client's Comments: "I started working out with JD two and a half years ago, and in that time I have achieved all of the goals I set for myself. I was in good shape to begin with, but I couldn't get the muscle tone and definition I was after. JD's technique and professional demeanor catered to my specific needs, and within the first couple of months of training, I saw results. His expertise and knowledge regarding nutrition and exercise helped me understand my body type and which routines work best for my physique. With his help I competed and placed in the Miss Galaxy Competition, something I never thought possible.

I recently had a baby, and was afraid I would not be able to get back to my original condition. I started training with JD again two months post-partum. Within 4 more months I was back down to 15% bodyfat and in excellent condition again.

Since high school, I have worked out using books, magazines, and videos for guidance. When I met JD, I knew there was something special about him. His sessions are always positive and invigorating. He believes in each client and gives them confidence in themselves. I recently became a certified trainer working under JD's guidance. I hope that learning from and working with him will make me an equally respected and successful trainer."

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