Cathy  Bruce

"" - Cathy Bruce
Age46 46
Scale Weight140 lbs.140 lbs.
Body Fat32%23.2%
Fat Weight 45 lbs.32.4 lbs.
Lean Weight95 lbs. 107.6 lbs.
Lower Ab31.5"30.25"
Legs22"  20.5" 

Trainer's Comments:  Cathy achieved an amazing feat as a 46 year old woman who had been working out fairly regularly at the gym for years.  In only 10 weeks, she dropped 9% body fat and shed 13 lbs. of fat.  She said she signed up for the Shape Up Sarasota Fat Loss Challenge to help out her sister, Pam.  However, she didn't do too bad for herself!   Cathy is also a perfect example of why women should not get hung up on watching the scale.  She simultaneously gained 13 lbs. of muscle.  But her hard work is obvious.

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